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Where are some weekend get-aways in California?



Solvang is like the Danish Capital of America. It is one of the best places to visit for a weekend get away. It has a Solvang Festival Theater (outdoor theater) that seats around 740 people that is available to groups during off season, an Elverhoj Museum that has replica of a Danish farmhouse that shows the Danish culture, Hans Christian Andersen Museum that carries modern fairy tale books sketches, paper cutouts, silhouettes, and colleges, and some nice hotels and Inn's that are nicely decorated in to make you feel like you are in a Danish town. Solvant has a year long calender of events that is fun for the whole family.

Santa Catalina Island is a great get away for a few days. Catalina Island offers many things for your family and friends. To get to Catalina Island you can either get a boat of your own and sail on the Pacific Ocean with a map or you can make extra and aboard a cruise ship. Things to do in Catalina Island are; you can rent a bicycle and tour the island yourself, you can get a charter boat and go fishing, you can go camping with a group of your friends on the beach, you can do diving and snorkeling, play golf, and miniature golf, horseback riding, or renting a kayak, or you can also para sail. Catalia Island is fun for everyone in the family, they have theatres and other tours you can go on to see the whole island. Catalina Island also has a nightlife with bars and clubs.

San Francisco offers many sites for tours. Some of the places to visit when you're in San Francisco are Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Alcatraz is one of the most amazing places to visit when you're in San Francisco. Alcatraz is in the Pacific ocean which was the first U.S. for on the coast and the West coast's first and oldest operating lighthouse and Alcatraz was used also as a prison. The construction of the Golden Gate Bridge started on Janurary 5, 1933 and it opened on May 28, 1938 when President Franklin D Roosevelt announce that vehical traffic at tweleve o'clock noon. The bridge was opened sooner than expected and it was considered under budget. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is also called the SFMOMA. The SFMOMA opened in 1935 and the word "modern" was added to the museum in 1975. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art features paintings and sculpture, photography, architecture and design, media arts, education and public programs to its community. SFMOMA also offers a library with over 53,000 catalogued that includes momographs, exhibition catalogues, and periodical titles.





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